• Conditions for Pick Up
It’s mandatory to bring the following documents for each vehicle; without these documents the vehicle cannot be delivered!
  1. Driver’s original Identity Card or Passport
  2. Pick Up Authorization(PUA), signed by the Buyer (and Stamped if bought by company)
  3. Transportation documentation when:
  • Transport by Truck : CMR
  • Transport with valid License Plates:
    § Car Dealer License Plates: documents must be in the name of the buyer, or an Authorization signed and stamped by lending Car Dealer who owns the Dealer License Plates
    § Transit Plates: must be in the name of the buyer
Make sure all the necessary extra serviceshave been requested and are ready at our office.
IMPORTANT! Inform us at least 24 hours in advance before coming to pick up the vehicle.
Pick up is possible:
  • Every working day: 9h - 17h
  • Saturday: 11h - 13h30, providing that you made an appointment for pick up.
You have a maximum of 10 days to pick up the vehicle, starting from the day you receive the PUA by email, otherwise a fine may be imposed of € 15 / extra day it remains on the parking.
N.B.: You can upload the signed “Pick-Up Authorization” to your eCT profile on "My Page".